Here at UDS, quality is not random, but a standard regimen.  
Our success can be quantified by our goal of 99.99% minimum standard on rejected parts, which we have met or exceeded for over more than a decade.  We are relentless about making sure our products adhere to our customer’s exact requirements and tolerances.  For new product and revisions, our quality control department will work with you on developing critical characteristics and measurement techniques essential for producing quality product.

UDS is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.  This provides a level of comfort knowing we are committed to quality from the top level management on down.  UDS customer service is thorough, efficient and controlled by a committed staff.  Many of our customer partnerships have exceed 30 years.

The environment of our equipment, metal, and customer product is extremely important to UDS.  Our entire 42,000 square foot facility is atmospherically controlled.  Protecting our equipment and metal allows us to be in prime condition to manufacture your product.

Our quality control lab offers cutting edge monitoring and measuring equipment.  Many customers require SPC and reports such as CPK, CP, PPK and PPAP, in which such analysis can be provided on requested lot quantities.  Material certifications, material trending, process certifications and other reports are also available. 

Quality control works very closely with our journeymen, engineers and operators to ensure fluid control of the product at all stages.  Inspection phases are established for checkpoints throughout all stages of manufacturing from incoming material receipt to final inspection.  Product will not be shipped until every aspect has been fulfilled.



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