Universal Die Stamping Presses

Our engineering services come with a vast knowledge, deep understanding of metal sciences and stamping techniques and are utilizing the latest technology to support whether you have a proven product or need help in development in any way.

Dies and tooling are built with strong craftsmanship, which is second to none.  We have taken the most skilled journeymen and blended them with state of the art equipment to ensure the finest product.  Our toolmakers work closely with our engineers to ensure the dies and tooling are built using the best metals and using best practices.  All dies and tooling undergo a stringent preventive maintenance routine.  Die sensors and press monitoring systems give our dies the best conditions to run longer, allowing us to keep costs down.

With our dies being crafted with superior quality, UDS is able to provide our tooling guarantee.  This will cover labor, repairs, routine maintenance and protective storage for the die during the life of the program while at UDS.







Universal Die and Stamping